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community assessment 360

Community 360

The discovery process.

The Community 360 begins with questions and ends with the answers you need to go forth over the next 12 months in the form a Community 360 Blueprint.

How does it work?

  • Week 1: Meet with you and key team; Listen to your vision; Identify key stakeholders to interview; 
  • Week 2 - Week 3: Interview up to 8 stakeholders; Put boots on the ground to experience your brand/community first hand; Integrate stakeholder perceptions with first-hand observations
  • Week 4: Formally thank stakeholders on your behalf; Prepare your Community 360 Report
  • Week 5: Present your Community 360 Report 

Your Community 360 Blueprint includes:

  • Insights: Transcribed interviews from stakeholders
  • GapsWhat are they, how are they affecting your progress, and to what extent?
  • Gifts: What are the three smallest things you can do that will make the biggest difference to your organization right now?
  • Glue: Implementation strategy to re-steer and stay the course over 12-months

With your Community 360 Blueprint, you will have the clarity to implement the next stage in-house. It becomes a team document.

The Community 360 Blueprint is also a prerequisite to get us on your team as a Community Director.

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