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community director

Community Director

The integral inside-outsider to your organization.

The Community Director is the glue for achieving your vision. 

How does it work?

Every organization is unique, and has its own distinct culture and history.  The Community Director is not a consultant.  We are the integral inside-outsider and our service builds on your distinctiveness and is customized to fit your operational goals and desired outcomes. We become part of your community. You, your executive team and your employees will identify with us as a trusted part of the team. They also understand that our role of offering fresh solutions with an outside perspective is good for business (transparency is always our best practice).
We operate at maximum capacity so our service is a minimum 4 month, maximum 24 month term.  Our fees are $16,000/month plus GST (salary equivalent without benefits $120,000/annum).

The Community Director service includes:

  • Objective expertise
  • Unfettered access to our Team Lead and our network of resources
  • Trusted advisor to your CEO & Executive Team
  • Empowerment of your existing team
  • Fine tuning internal communications systems
  • Boosting external marketing and communications systems
  • Creating stakeholder engagement opportunities to further the corporate vision
  • Our exit plan and succession strategy
  • Magic!

Remember your vision statement? By getting your community onboard, we not only help you achieve your goals, we help you do it with the enthusiasm and commitment of your stakeholders.

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