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community branding implementation

Community Branding Implementation (4 months)

Refreshed brand, but now what?

After a new brand is developed (see the Community Branding Development package), you have the additional monster task of integrating it throughout your community or organization. Here's what you should do:

  1. Document all materials or points of engagement that require the branding refresh
  2. Develop a branding refresh timeline
  3. Solicit and select graphic designers to make the updates
  4. Finalize the refreshed materials
  5. Prepare supporting key messages to ensure every product/service is in alignment with the refreshed brand
  6. Engage public relations
  7. Prepare materials and meetings to help employees and other internal stakeholders be successful in representing the refreshed brand
  8. Make the re-brand official
  9. Have a party and invite all your stakeholders
  10. Get even more press

Yeah, that sounds like a lot of work. Why not get Glue to do it?

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