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Community Branding Development

Community Branding Development

We all know Community Branding is a monster task.

So many stakeholders, infinite possibilities. This package is designed for developing brands that require the input of 25+ people and will be shared with potentially millions. Here's how it breaks down in 10 easy steps:

  1. 15-20 critical stakeholder interviews
  2. Online public engagement
  3. Preparation of creative brief
  4. Solicitation and selection of graphic designers
  5. Presentation of initial branding concepts to critical stakeholders
  6. Incorporation of feedback and revisions
  7. Presentation of secondary branding concept to critical stakeholders
  8. Consensus building towards final branding concept
  9. Presentation of final branding concept (to critical stakeholders and the public)
  10. Prepare Community Branding Implementation document

You can decide later if you would like Glue to also manage the Community Branding Implementation. Check out our Community Branding Implementation package to find out what this would look like and budget for total cost.

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