Make-it-to-Market Commercialization Program

Make-it-to-Market Commercialization Program

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A Commercialization Program to Support for Creative Entrepreneurs

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The Make It To Market is a program designed for creative entrepreneurs in rural regions who are in the commercialization stage of their business. Together, we build thriving, rural communities of entrepreneurs that collaborate to sustain their businesses well beyond the startup phase. If you have a big idea, sign up to:

  1. Make confident entrepreneurial decisions
  2. Navigate your best commercialization options
  3. Leverage existing relationships to support your growth
  4. Develop consistent, reliable income streams
  5. Co-create and learn with fellow creative entrepreneurs

Why is this Different?

This program is different in three ways. First of all, it is designed for ‘creative entrepreneurs’ with the flexibility to honour their unconventional approach to business. There will be no ‘business plan 101’ exercises or sales forecast projections. Secondly, our area of focus is the commercialization stage. While many programs focus on startups and business plans, this program addresses the next level of scaling a viable business idea. Rather than focus cookie cutter solutions, we focus on decision-making skills that will help you make the best entrepreneurial decisions regardless of how unique your journey is. Finally, this program is backed by real-world research that has tracked the journey of twenty creative entrepreneurs.

The Make It To Market program delivers real time coaching and peer support while you are commercializing your business to maximize your investment of time, money and energy. Based on developing expert entrepreneurial decision-making skills and leveraging what you’ve already got, Make It To Market will help you build entrepreneurial skills for life while working on the development of your creative enterprise.

Is this a Fit for You?

Are you a creative entrepreneur? Do you use your imagination, talents or skills to bring your ideas into the marketplace? Could your products or service exist without you? Creative entrepreneurs are not defined by their industry, but their approach to entrepreneurship and making a living. Some examples of creative entrepreneurs include freelancers, makers, small scale manufacturers, designers and artists. Chances are that if you identify yourself as a creative individual with a unique approach, you’ll do well in this program.

What’s Included?

The Make It To Market program includes:

  • Intake orientation
  • 5 two-hour group coaching sessions
  • 5 one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Support materials and activities
  • Ongoing peer and coach support (in-person & online)
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