For the Artist Entrepreneur

For the Artist Entrepreneur

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Artists Do Things Differently

That’s why they are artists. The Artist-2-Entrepreneur Program respects the journey of artists through principles that make best use of resources at hand while integrating decision-making tools to help them explore new opportunities, make smart business decisions and sell more. 

The Artist-2-Entrepreneur program is designed for emergent entrepreneurs that are ready to take their creative endeavours beyond a hobby mindset. Dedicated participants can expect to realize real personal and commercial transformation.

Artist-2-Entrepreneur Program Outcomes

  • Connect with your 'why' and how it drives your business decisions
  • Learn to leverage what you already have without spending more
  • Create pathways to achieve lofty goals by realizing do-able next steps and acting on them
  • Remove the guesswork of setting up business foundations, everything from your bank account, logo, website and social media initiatives
  • Eliminate the 'shoulds' of business and by learning sound decision-making principles
  • Start selling consistently
  • Realize yourself as an entrepreneur

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