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Entrepreneurial Series & Mentorship | Artist-2-Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial Series & Mentorship | Artist-2-Entrepreneur

Artists do things differently.

That’s why they are artists. It is with this simple premise that we have designed an entrepreneurship program, Artist-2-Entrepreneur that respects the journey of artists through principles that make best use of resources at hand while integrating decision-making tools to help them explore new opportunities, make smart business decisions and sell more.  The Artist-2-Entrepreneur program is designed for artists that intend to create more value for their artistic pursuits, and are committed to exploring or accelerating entrepreneurial opportunities.

Program Outcomes

  • Unleash your distinctive compelling story! Then use storytelling basics to convey clear, value-added messages about your artistic genius to influential stakeholders – buyers, supporters, suppliers, beneficiaries
  • Mine your existing network for new opportunities by making inquires, listening to feedback and making simple connections that leverage potential
  • Create pathways to achieve lofty goals by realizing do-able next steps and acting on them
  • Learn to spot and apply the principles of effectual logic, and use them to guide decision-making in your business
  • Define your biggest obstacles and develop simple pathways (or tools) to overcome them

The Artist-2-Entrepreneur Program Format

Over 7 Sessions, you'll discover how to unlock your creative GENIUS and bring it to market. 

  1. Start with WHY - This intro session fosters self-discovery and attaches your creative ambitions with your calling, or purpose. It sets the stage to unlock your GENIUS.
  2. Galvanize your idea
  3. Effect your future (learn the principles of "effectual" logic used by expert entrepreneurs)
  4. Narrate your story
  5. Identify the characters in your cast - your future business partners and customers!
  6. Utilize your strongest, and most profitable, strengths and assets
  7. Sharpen your marketing and communications

    Let’s Get Going!

    The Next Crew

    Due to the intense nature of the program and our commitment to investing in each program participant, we limit each program to eight (8) participants. 


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