Marketing Consulting Services

For Corporations

Marketing Consulting Services for Business

Marketing support for Winnipeg business

With over a decade of experience we offer expertise in every aspect of marketing consulting services ranging from full-on support to as-needed fulfillment. Learn more about:

Full-service, outsourced marketing consulting
As-needed marketing consulting services

For Communities

Program Support for Economic Development

entrepreneurial training programs

We work with you to install programs for the emergent and established entrepreneurs in your community. We can be hired to embellish and deliver your existing programs or install brand new entrepreneurial training programs depending on the needs of your clientele. Learn more about: 

The Artist-2-Entrepreneur Program
The Make It To Market Program

For Entrepreneurs

Coaching Support for Entrepreneurs

business coaching winnipeg

Get the one-on-one or small group support you need to make better financial, marketing and growth-oriented entrepreneurial decisions.Learn more about: 

One-on-One Coaching
The Artist-2-Entrepreneur Program
The Make It To Market Program