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Welcome to the Artist-2-Entrepreneur Program

artist-2-entrepreneur-nanaimoCongratulations on your decision to engage in the Artist-2-Entrepreneur Program. This Kick Off form is the starting point, a blank canvas to consider your beginnings and  your goals. This program has been designed by artists for artists who want to:

  1. Go to the next level of being an artist in business (and you define what that means)
  2. Experiment boldly with a big idea

Your responses will be emailed directly to Fiona & Angie, and (head's up) may be referenced and shared once we are in a group format. Both The Network Hub (Nanaimo) and Glue are founded on the values of developing entrepreneurial communities, and that means we want to get to know you, your art, and your business ambitions so we can support you fully.

You may find it easier to type your responses to the questions in a separate document and cut/paste them in.

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