The C-Word: What does Commercialization Mean?

Glue was officially launched as Glue Multimedia in 2005, with the unique name ‘glue’ sitting metaphorically in the back of my mind for several years prior. I always envisioned my role as ‘the glue’ – the person who brings people and projects together. Twelve years later, this name continues to resonate authentically with both myself and others.

Although I originally thought ‘multimedia’ would be my domain, three years later I felt the limitations of being a one-off multimedia company and upgraded the name to Glue Solutions. The word ‘solutions’ was broad, and yet descriptive of my problem-solving orientation to client dilemmas.

Fast-forward to 2016, and I was forced through a restructuring of the company that provided the opportunity to, once again, rethink the name. At that point, I had over a decade of experience in business and three years of experiencing a doctoral program, which inadvertently pushes you to rethink pretty much every decision and perception you have ever had. In addition, I had added ‘entrepreneurial training’ to the roster of services, which seemed a natural progression from multimedia to marketing to supporting the whole entrepreneurial journey. The question that I needed to answer again was: “What does Glue do?”

I registered the name “Glue Commercialization.” The word “commercialization” felt bold and unapologetic. There is something bored within me when entrepreneurs talk about how they don’t want to be too ‘salesy’ and yet when you ask them what they need they immediately reference an increase in sales. As it is, entrepreneurs need sales to survive, put groceries on the table, raise the kids, make monthly payments and allot whatever is left for the leisure or luxuries we desire or want to donate forward. Without a sales and commercialization orientation, a business is not a business. When I ask business owners to describe the first time they sell something, many describe a thrill or excitement along with a sense of validity. This especially seems to happen when they sell to someone who was previously unknown to them. This commercialization nature of business is something that seems to thrill people inwardly while conflicting with their outward articulation of the concept.

Commercialization necessarily includes sales, but also references the whole process behind getting to a sale. This includes packaging, branding, marketing, networking and setting up pathways to receive payments. I want to work with people who are willing to engage in this commercialization process, taking their business well-beyond startup, beyond their most recent accomplishment to new horizons. They need to have the audacity to see the potential of their ventures as something larger and realize themselves as capable of achieving that vision. Even if they have yet to arrive at that point, signing up to work with a ‘Commercialization’ company or program is a great personal acknowledgment of their potential.

Make It To Market is an intentional commercialization program. It’s beyond startup, bigger than marketing, complementary to business 101 advice, and focused on empowering entrepreneurs to make more effective entrepreneurial decisions as they navigate their future waypoints. Each entrepreneur travels their own, unique journey through the program with the intention set for them to experience personal and commercial transformations. They can expect to learn new skills, validate the skills they already have, and efficiently identify the skills they need to learn to meet their own goals.

Glue Commercialization, owning the C-word, is our own expression of the commercialization journey, the product of many years of hard work, insights, partnerships and a dedication to meet the real needs of entrepreneurs finding their path on the journey of entrepreneurship.